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Mitutoyo Profilometer Detector

When it comes to quality, Mitutoyo Surftests or SJ Series profilometers are the mid to high end of the spectrum. We give them high praise for their reparability. No matter the model, repair is always worthwhile.

A profilometer, or surface roughness tester, is a unique piece of precision equipment. Therefore, should only be repaired by someone specializing in the field - such as Bryco Industrial Services. We are proud to be one of the finest profilometer repair shops you'll find in the United States.

Model Numbers
Miutoyo SJ 201, Mituoyo SJ 202, Mitutoyo SJ 201P, Miutoyo SJ-201, SJ-202
Mitutoyo SJ-210, SJ 301, SJ 400, SJ-301 

Mitutoyo Profilometer Repairs

Repairs are almost always possible on the Mitutoyo profilometers. 

Bryco Industrial Services is well qualified to perform these repairs, and should you decide to send one for servicing, or a free quote, be sure to package it securely, preferably in its original box.

Standard Detector Repairs 
With a 90° conical diamond stylus, 5 µm/ .0002“ radius*.
Small Hole Detector Repairs
With a 90° conical diamond stylus, 5 µm/ .0002“ radius*.
Extra Small Hole Detector Repairs
178-393 REPAIR
With a 90° conical diamond stylus, 5 µm/ .0002“ radius*.
Deep Groove Detector Repairs
178-394 REPAIR
With a 90° conical diamond stylus, 5 µm/ .0002“ radius*.

Parts for Repair

Mitutoyo does not sell parts directly to end users. You will have to get your profilometer repaired through a competent and reliable repair shop such as Bryco Industrial Services. Bryco Industrial Services stocks all items commonly used for repairs so that turn around time is reduced, and you receive your instrument ASAP.

Problems with these units are quite uncommon and most are due to misuse or, even worse, a drop or heavy impact with another item. Wear components of these gages can also result in a unit that requires repair.